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Employee Feedback

Obtaining employee feedback is an excellent tool for evaluating progress, employee opinions, values and concerns – particularly in a changing environment.  The Employee Feedback Process promotes better communication throughout the entire organization by providing employees with the opportunity to react to company policies, benefits, working conditions or other specific issues.  The Employee Feedback Process provides a way to engage and develop employees’ problem-solving capabilities, while providing new ways of looking at old problems and identifying areas where potential problems exist.  The end result is increased productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. 

HRM can assist your organization in obtaining objective employee feedback.  Being an outside firm, HRM can also help to ensure confidentiality, allowing employees to respond honestly and openly.  Feedback can be obtained through surveys, focus groups and/or individual interviews. 

HRM will work with you to determine which tool(s) will obtain the feedback for which you are looking.  HRM’s approach is different.  We not only obtain the feedback, but we are fully prepared to assist you in the development and implementation of a plan to act upon the information gathered from the survey.  We can also customize the tools in order to fit the needs of your organization. 

Employee Opinion Surveys

HRM custom designs the survey instrument based upon input from your managers.  We provide senior management with a detailed feedback report and a formal presentation of the data results. 


Focus Groups 

The purpose of focus groups is to add qualitative as well as anecdotal information to survey data.


Individual Interviews 

One-on-one interviews can be conducted with a cross section of employees.  The purpose of the interviews is to provide opportunities for staff members to provide confidential information in person.

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