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Employee Handbook

An employee handbook should be an extremely valuable communication tool as opposed to being a bureaucratic rulebook.  It can enhance the way a company presents itself to a new employee and can even become an instrument toward fostering greater employee involvement within the company.


  • To provide essential information about the organization
  • To comply with federal, state and local laws and regulatory guidelines
  • To provide clear, concise answers to frequently asked questions
  • To reflect an attitude of respect toward employees
  • To state rules, standards and policies that employees are expected to observe
  • To protect the company from employee initiated lawsuits by making certain that:
    • the company is in compliance with federal, state and local laws
    • the policies are thorough and applied uniformly and equitably 

Our Approach 

HR Mentor, Inc: 

  • Reviews, assesses and modifies, as appropriate, current written policies and practices and determines the additional policies, practices and standards that are required for the company.
  • Writes and produces a draft of a user-friendly handbook.  Copies should be distributed to a few of your senior people for their comments, suggestions and additions.  In appropriate organizations, we also will facilitate a team process to review the draft.
  • Incorporates appropriate suggestions and changes into the handbook and produces a final document.

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