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How to use the HR Mentor Guides:
The hr guides area contains  all the available HR Mentor documentation. Navigate by section to the topic you need and view or download.

What are hr forms?
They are professionally designed sample policies, letters and documents to insure that you: gather the correct information, convey the necessary facts or document the appropriate facts.

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How we have helped others:

1.  The client has an employee requesting maternity leave.  They are unsure about their obligations both during the leave and when the employee is ready to return to work. 

The HR Mentor Advisor first determines whether or not the client is covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act, what policies they currently have in writing and what they have done for any other medical leaves in the past whether paid or unpaid. 

The Advisor then discusses the applicable federal and state laws regarding medical/maternity leaves and insures that the client understands its obligations under these laws.  At the same time the client is directed to the Human Resource Guide for the appropriate hr forms for the notification of eligibility, initiation and conclusion of the medical leave. 

2.      The client has an employee who has been a poor performer for some time and whose manager wants to terminate his employment. 

The HR Mentor Advisor determines what has been said, done and documented up to this point by both the employee and management.  It is also determined what the client’s past practices have been and if there are any outstanding issues, (i.e. is there an open EEO charge; could this be perceived as retaliation based on any public policy issues, etc.?)  At the end of this discovery process the Advisor recommends that the client to read through the Corrective Action Chapter in the Human Resource Guide, discusses next steps and helps determine what information to use to complete the Corrective Action forms. 

3.      The client has an employee who has filed a Discrimination Charge with the state human rights agency. 

The HR Mentor Advisor instructs the client to compile the documents and research the past practices, as this will be needed to respond to the human rights agency.  The Advisor then drafts a response to the charge, reviews the documentation and the research of past practice and recommends the client contact their labor attorney.  This service reduces the legal charges for responding to the agency. 

4.      The client is concerned the salary being paid to an employee is inappropriate. 

The HR Mentor Advisor conducts a market survey and advises the client of a reasonable salary range for this job in the appropriate markets.


Typical HR Mentor Questions

  • What laws apply to me with an employee population of 10, 15, 20, 50, 100?

  • If all my employees are salaried why are some of them asking about overtime? 

  • There is an employee whose performance is very poor and I’ve just decided to fire him.  Is there anything in particular I need to do first? 

  • Do I have to include any particular language in a COBRA notice and how long do I have to give the former employee to respond?

  • How much vacation time do other companies in my industry typically give? 

  • How much should I be paying a machine Operator, Admin. Asst., Quality Manager, etc. 

  • Can I require all my employees to speak English?  Can I forbid employees to speak any language but English? 

  • A former employee has filed for Unemployment Compensation? What do I do? 

  • How do I pay employees for travel time? 

  • My company is now required to follow the Drug Free Workplace Act.  What do I need to do? 

  • I need to hire an additional employee, can you write a newspaper ad for me? 

  • An employee just asked for a leave of absence, how do I handle it? 

  • An employee just broke one of our rules, what should we do? 

  • What posters do we need to display? 

  • How can I get my employees to understand and obey our policies and procedures?