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Assisted Staffing

Client Conference

  • An initial meeting is held with appropriate participants of the Client Company to determine the numbers of people to be hired, their job titles and responsibilities, the time frame for hiring, etc.  This meeting also serves the purpose of familiarizing HRM with the firm’s culture, policies, benefits, and physical location.  HRM then designs a list of required competencies and an appropriate staffing plan


  • HRM strategically and creatively sources candidates, using the methods and venues mutually agreed upon.  It may be in calling, trade shows, job fairs, etc.
  • We utilize classified ads in appropriate media, i.e. local papers, trade journals, professional associations, internet sites, etc. (The client pays for these ads.) We draft appropriate Ad(s) using detailed information provided by the client.  A sample of the final draft of the ad is provided to the client for approval prior to placement.
  • The Ad(s) are placed by an employment advertising agency that is generally able to obtain better placement on the ad pages than a company can independently.
  • Ad responses are sent directly to HRM to save time.

The Selection Process

  • The responses are screened to identify viable candidates.
  • The candidates are reviewed with the Client for confirmation of match to competencies.
  • HRM conducts telephone interviews of the chosen candidates.
  • Personal Interviews are scheduled with candidates who continue to appear to be qualified.
  • Appropriate candidates are then presented to the client.

Post-Interview Process 

  • References of the top candidates are checked.
  • Where appropriate, background checks may be conducted using a security firm.  (The client pays the fees for this service.)
  • An offer of employment is constructed and made.
  • A letter of confirmation of the offer of employment is sent.
  • Rejection letters are sent to all unsuccessful candidates.

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