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How We Work Together

We designed our company to provide senior level human resource expertise to organizations when they need it and only then.  In order to accomplish that we have designed different options for how we can work together.

The HR Guides: 

We prepared these Guides expressly for small to mid-sized organizations that do not have access to senior levels of human resource expertise.  They are a condensed resource — replete with practical “how to-do-it” information as manuals should be.  In them, you will find the answers to most of your basic human resource questions.  We have included not only practical information but also materials and observations relating to the background philosophy, goals and objectives of each topic and hope that this gives you a real feel for the issues.  You can choose to view the information, view it and have the ability to download it; or view it, download it and have access to the library of supplementary information.

The HR Forms: 

As we watched our clients struggle with the appropriate documentation necessary to record their actions with regard to employees, we realized that sample hr forms and letters were a necessary part of our support of them.  It is often critical to know what information should be collected or transmitted to protect the organization and how best to convey it.  Struggling with what words should be used and what topics should be avoided can take a manager away from vital work.  Our hr forms are designed to provide you with precisely what you need in many areas.  You can purchase the rights to download all of the hr forms for your own use.

The Hot Line: 

Even with all of the information provided in the Guides and the HR Forms, we know that there are times when you need to speak directly to an expert either through e-mail or on the telephone.  You may not know exactly which topic applies to your situation or how issues interact.  You may need advice on how to react to an employee’s behavior before you take any action.  You may need the reassurance that what you have done so far is correct and what your next steps should be.  You can use the Hot Line on an as needed basis or purchase a block of time to be used as you see fit.

Other Products and Services: 

We can also design, develop and implement Employee Handbooks, Managers’ Policy Manuals, Compensation Systems, perform Audits, facilitate Training and Employee Feedback Programs and assist you with your staffing issues.  You can ask for a quote on any of these products or services through e-mail at or calling 800-520-7295 and asking for the Consulting Group.

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