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HR Mentor Measurement’s Leadership Training Series was developed to provide managers with the expertise necessary to meet the daily demands of managing and leading employees.  Our series includes programs on Staffing, Effective Communication, Performance Management, Corrective Action and Separation Procedures.  Each are half-day programs and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.


By improving the staffing and selection process, organizations can reduce turnover, lower initial training and development costs, and realize greater productivity and improved morale. HRM's Staffing Program covers writing job specifications, recruitment, interviewing – including what you can and can not legally ask applicants, selecting candidates, making the job offer and employee orientation.

Effective Communication 

Communication styles are exhibited in behavior.  The ability to identify others’ styles and know how to relate to them reduces miscommunication and the problems that go along with it.  HRM's Communication Program focuses on the different personal styles of communication.  The program provides techniques for recognizing your own style(s) and effectively communicating with individuals who possess different communication styles than your own.

Performance Management 

When employees and managers agree on what performance and behavior is expected and how they will be measured, the chance for success is significantly increased.  HRM's Performance Management Program covers jointly setting performance goals, documenting and measuring goal attainment, and techniques for successful follow-up discussions.

Corrective Action 

Performance and behavior problems occur in all organizations.  Corrective Action Processes are established to deal with these problems effectively and efficiently.  HRM's Corrective Action Program provides techniques to address all the necessary steps required for successful Corrective Action Processes. It also provides appropriate documentation procedures.

Separation Procedures 

A consistent process to discharge employees is critical for all organizations.  Limiting possible liability is a necessary part of this process.  HRM's Separation Program provides managers with the information to establish a consistent process to discharge employees in a manner that is both humane and also provides the highest level of protection for the company.

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